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Blockchain Tech

Blockchain technology will change the world. This isn’t hyperbole – this is fact. Since humans became human, we have traded our time, services, and goods. And since the dawn of history, we have relied on imperfect methods of tracking those transactions. Which is why we have contract lawyers.

But blockchain technology finally delivers genuine trust to the business of business. With an immutable digital ledger, we can see what really happened when Tom, Dick, and Harriet made a deal – and who kept their side of the agreement.

Blockchains and smart contracts will literally change the way we interact as a species – and perhaps humanity will even do better, when our truths (and lies) are laid open for the world to see.

Blockchain ad tech promises to make advertising more transparent and eliminate fraud

Blockchain Ad Tech Can Solve Online Advertising’s $20bn Problem

With over 600m websites and 4bn active users, nothing beats the internet when it comes to exposure. Companies spend more of their advertising budget...
DAO Projects At Risk After Digix Latest Update

DAO Projects At Risk After Digix’s Latest Update

Some of the most highly ambitious applications of blockchain are DAO projects - self-governing communities where members can both submit and vote on proposals. The...
what you need to know about mining equipment

Ready To Start Mining? Here’s What You Need To Know

Cryptocurrency prices are back on the rise, and the number of miners is rising with them. In the past couple of months, hashrates have...
NEO has a busy ecosystem for dApps

From Travel To AI: Five Leading dApps On The NEO Blockchain

Ethereum might be the most well-known dApp platform, but it's far from the only place for smart contracts. The NEO blockchain is home to...
Vertcoin VTC is under 51% attack today

Vertcoin Suffers A 51 Percent Attack

Vertcoin is a lesser known project, but it's becoming more familiar for all the wrong reasons. You might not know it by looking at the...
Blockchain Branding Is An Emerging Sector In Marketing

Blockchain Branding – An Emerging Marketing Discipline

Blockchain branding has often been relegated to an afterthought. Perhaps the team designed an attractive website - but that's as far as the concept...
Bitcoin Risks Mining Death Spiral If BTC Price Plunges Below $3K

Bitcoin Risks Mining Death Spiral If BTC Price Plunges Below $3K

Bitcoin slid even further downhill this weekend, as the crypto market shed a total $17bn in market capitalization. But the problems might be just...
Dash fifth anniversary

Dash Celebrates A Lean Fifth Birthday

It's been five years since payments platform Dash made its debut, which makes the project about 35 in crypto years. The Dash team has...
Codex Protocol brings blockchain transparency to fine art and sports memorabilia

Codex Protocol: Blockchain For Collectible Authenticity

There will be a lot of sore têtes in France today following its football team's resounding victory over Croatia in Sunday's World Cup final; the second...
Constantinople fork will make Ethereum more like Zcash

Constantinople Fork Will Make Ethereum More Like Zcash

Vitalik Buterin wants to be more like Zooko Wilcox. Well, more accurately, he wants Ethereum (ETH) to be more like Zcash (ZEC) with the...

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