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Blockchain Tech

Blockchain technology will change the world. This isn’t hyperbole – this is fact. Since humans became human, we have traded our time, services, and goods. And since the dawn of history, we have relied on imperfect methods of tracking those transactions. Which is why we have contract lawyers.

But blockchain technology finally delivers genuine trust to the business of business. With an immutable digital ledger, we can see what really happened when Tom, Dick, and Harriet made a deal – and who kept their side of the agreement.

Blockchains and smart contracts will literally change the way we interact as a species – and perhaps humanity will even do better, when our truths (and lies) are laid open for the world to see.

Blockfolio 2.0 Takes Crypto App Usability To New Level

Blockfolio 2.0 Takes Crypto App Usability To New Level

It's been a big week for Blockfolio, the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker in the world. First they announced their Series A funding - an...
Blockchain technology is changing the retail sector forever

How Blockchain Technology Is Disrupting Retail

We spend a lot of time discussing crypto markets and values, but the underlying blockchain technology is what truly makes cryptocurrency disruptive. This month,...

Well, Finally: Four Big Launches Coming Soon

It's almost April, and you know what that means: flowers blooming, birds chirping, and a lot of projects hitting their first big deadlines of...
Bitcoin Lightning Network Triples Capacity Since November

Bitcoin Lightning Network Triples Capacity Since November

Channel capacity on the Lightning Network has grown by over 200% in the past six weeks, allowing the network's capacity as a whole managed to...

What Happens When Bitcoin Block Rewards Fall?

The next bitcoin block reward halving will occur in roughly 57,000 blocks, putting in somewhere in May 2020. Based on the last two halvings,...
Kenyan Agriculture Flourishes On Twiga Blockchain In Partnership With IBM

IBM Helps Kenyan Agriculture Flourish On Twiga Blockchain

It’s eight in the morning in Kinangop, a small rural town 55 miles north of Nairobi. For Joseph Kimani, a small-scale farmer, today is a...
Blockchain technology explained by writing an article entirely in blockchain format

What A Blockchain Actually Is, Written In Blockchain

Every few weeks I have an experience like the following. I’m sitting at at a bar or a barbecue somewhere, quietly sipping on a...
Stablecoins Are Cryptocurrencies With Low Volatility That Could Replace Fiat Money

Stablecoins: Cryptocurrencies That Could Replace Money

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies with stable value; unlike most other crypto assets, they have low volatility against the world’s most important sovereign-backed currencies (fiat). They...
IOST Countdown To Mainnet Launch Adds 30 Percent To Market Cap

IOST Countdown To Mainnet Launch Adds 30 Percent To Market Cap

A mainnet launch still has the power to move markets, as evidenced by a double-digit gain in IOST's price earlier today - and a 30%...
Cannabis blockchain solutions are much more appealing to the marijuana industry than cryptocurrency payments

Blockchain Buds: Tracking Cannabis From Seed To Sale

Cryptocurrency and cannabis are two of the most exciting emerging industries in modern times. Both are constant topics of discussion in media and politics...

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