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Video: Cardano Evaluation And Technical Analysis


Today’s Video Briefing takes a deep dive into one of the most anticipated cryptocurrencies in the market: Cardano (ADA). This proof of stake blockchain claims it can cure all of Ethereum’s ills: fast transactions, high scalability, and a mathematically rigorous programming language to reduce the probability of smart contract bugs. But can Cardano deliver on its promises?

Kiana takes a look at Cardano’s Digital Asset Report & Evaluation, based on the research by Crypto Briefing. The Analytical team found a lot to be excited about – and a few ominous signs, which brought down what would have otherwise been a very high grade.

Next, Kiana takes a look at Cardano’s charts to find out if it’s really as undervalued as it looks. While ADA has taken a beating over the past month, it’s not all black and blue. There’s also a bit of green starting to show, especially as ADA starts to get back to its feet.

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