Crypto Briefing appoints new AI-first CEO

Crypto Briefing appoints new AI-first CEO

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Crypto Briefing is embarking on a transformative journey with the appointment of John Chen as our new Chief Executive Officer, heralding a new chapter focused on harnessing the power of generative AI to redefine the quality and speed of our reporting.

As Bitcoin reclaimed $60,000 this week for the first time in over two years, the US government transferred over $900 million worth of BTC. The seized crypto stash dates to 2016’s high-profile Bitfinex hack, with the remarkable timing seen as prices bounce back, fueling industry chatter.

With the immense momentum brewing, speculation in the crypto has erupted over the possibility that Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos may have sold $8.5 billion in stock to buy Bitcoin, stoking excitement despite limited evidence beyond the rumors.

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  • Crypto Briefing appoints new AI-first CEO
  • US gov’t moved $922 million of seized Bitcoin after BTC price broke $60,000
  • Crypto rumor suggests Jeff Bezos sold $8.5 billion in Amazon stock to buy Bitcoin



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Crypto Briefing appoints new AI-first CEO

With a rich background that spans media, blockchain technology, and digital marketing, Chen is perfectly aligned with our mission to pioneer a data-driven, technology-first approach in the crypto media landscape. As the outgoing CEO Mitchell Moos pointed out, the integration of AI is set to revolutionize the journalistic profession, enabling us to provide our global audience with more relevant and personalized content.

Since our inception in 2017 by visionaries Han Kao, Jon Rice, and Andre Cronje, our goal has been to demystify the complexities of the crypto world for our readers, positioning ourselves as a trusted source for unbiased, actionable information. We are excited to integrate AI tools that will enable us to remain a leader in how media understands and explains the technologies reshaping finance and society. [cryptobriefing]


US gov’t moved $922 million of seized Bitcoin after BTC price broke $60,000

The US recently moved over $900 million worth of Bitcoin tied to its 2016 seizure from crypto exchange Bitfinex after a major hack. The transfers occurred February 28th, the same day Bitcoin bounced back over $60,000 for the first time in over two years. The remarkable timing and peak prices fuels speculation that something more is at work here.

Government wallets handled multiple transactions dispersing the stash worth nearly a billion at current valuations. The seized assets connect to charges against launderers of the Bitfinex hack including Ilya Lichtenstein, who just testified on his exploits in open court. With so much recovered value at stake, these methodical movements show how law enforcement is gradually realizing the impact of crypto. [cointelegraph]


Crypto rumor suggests Jeff Bezos sold $8.5 billion in Amazon stock to buy Bitcoin

Speculations in the crypto industry claim that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos may have sold billions in stock to buy Bitcoin. This theory relied on rumors that Bezos met with MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor, a Bitcoin maxi. This purported dinner meeting with Saylor sparked ideas about “billionaire FOMO.”

Proof around the rumor’s key details remain inconsistent, though. While Bezos did sell nearly $9 billion in shares in February, what he spent money on stays unclear without confirmation. Highly speculative claims such as this quickly spreads during sudden price surges. A core lesson for crypto remains valid here: don’t trust, verify — and always do your own research. [cryptobriefing]


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