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Dapper Labs and Libra Want Ethereum Developers to Join the Rebellion

Dapper Labs will combine Libra's robust virtual machine with its native, easy-to-use programming language called Cadence. Already developers have taken a liking to the setup.

Dapper Labs and Libra Want Ethereum Developers to Join the Rebellion

Key Takeaways

  • Dapper Labs launched a blockchain called Flow in 2018. It is written in Cadence.
  • Today, the team announced that it will use Libra's Move Virtual Machine to make the two networks interoperable.
  • Since its launch, blockchain developers have built over 500 different projects using Cadence and the Flow blockchain.

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Dapper Labs revealed that they will be taking a page out of Libra’s developer playbook. Specifically, the Move Virtual Machine. Why? 

To allow full interoperability between Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain and the Libra ecosystem. 

Flow Blockchain Keeps It Moving

Since launching Flow in 2018, Dapper Labs has been hard at work to make the most developer-friendly blockchain in the industry.

By adding Libra’s Move Virtual Machine (MVM), they’ll now be making it one of the most powerful. 

Dapper Labs first made waves in the crypto community with its breakout product, Crypto Kitties. Built on Ethereum, the game became far too popular for the original network. Gas prices spiked, and transactions took far longer than usual. 

It is from this frustration that the general-purpose smart contracts platform Flow was born. 

The network is wholly distinct from Ethereum and comes with its own coding language called Cadence. This language was built with developers in mind, and by adding MVM, they won’t be sacrificing on performance either. 

The inclusion of MVM rather than the popular Ethereum-based Virtual Machine isn’t unprecedented.

Solana, a highly-scalable blockchain, integrated MVM in August 2019. Like Flow, Solana projects are now interoperable with any other projects written in Move. 

To be clear, Move is the name of Libra’s programming language. A virtual machine, no matter the language, is a sandboxed emulation of a computer that allows developers to test code.

Although the majority of blockchain developers have congregated around Ethereum, the CTO of Dapper Labs, Dieter Shirley, told Crypto Briefing that these developers are beginning to take notice. 

“The developers we’ve talked to who are building on Solidity get excited after they take a closer look at Cadence,” he said in an interview. 

This has manifested itself in over 500 projects being built in Flow’s testnet-like environment called Playground. This testnet has only been online for four weeks. 

Dieter said:

“Our number one priority is to get something that works well, that people can use. Then, we want to get that product out the door so we can start building the community.”

The Flow Discord channel boasts over 1,000 users. Developers are currently competing in the Cadence Cup, during which they will build different applications using Flow’s programming language. The competition concludes in 24 hours. 

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