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Newton ICO Preview Suggests Strong Ecommerce Project

Newton ICO Preview Ecommerce Project

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The Newton ICO recently appeared on our radar. Upon taking a closer look and realizing the ICO is still in its early stages, we decided to give Newton Founder and CEO Xu Jizhe a call to learn more. Before we go on to release a full review, let’s take a look at some highlights which interest us most about the project.

The Newton ICO Concept

This is a project launched specifically for building a new kind of ecommerce system through decentralization. We have seen a similar concept with Omnitude in the west.

At the core of the project is NewChain, which consists of a main and sub-chain architecture. The mainchain handles transactions and account management, while the subchains allow for any participants from the ecommerce industry, such as websites or logistics providers, to participate in the network.

Newton also supplies a full suite of components for managing all of the essential aspects of an ecommerce ecosystem, such as digital identities, supply chain ledgers, digital marketing tools and a highly dynamic payments mechanism.

In our conversation with Jizhe, he made it clear that Newton is not out to deploy any new technology per se, but instead to configure a set of existing blockchain and p2p tools catered specifically toward providing solutions to online retailers.

Team Leadership

The Founder and CEO is Xu Jizhe. He is known for his work on the Elastos ICO and has years of experience with blockchain development. From 2011 to 2014, Jizhe served as Technology Director at OKbuy, a multi-million dollar ecommerce website in China. His connection to the company continues on with Newton; not only are OKbuy are one of the first partner companies planning to build on the platform, but OKbuy CEO Li Shubin also serves as Co-Founder and is taking an active role in the project.

Progress Signals

Besides the partnership with OKbuy, Newton have also made agreements with several other ecommerce websites in China. Other partnerships listed on the site which we corroborated with Jizhe include jewelry retailer and women’s purse shop Newton have received financial investment as well from their partners, demonstrating their partners have a real interest in the long-term success of the project.

The Newton Telegram channel is already sizeable for a project that’s yet to release a whitepaper. As a veteran of the blockchain world, Jizhe indicated to us the emphasis he places on taking an active role in building community support for an ICO.

On April 30th, Jizhe held a call with a number of early supporters and has been directly engaging with members in the Telegram channel as well. It’s a positive sign that the founder is making great efforts to grow community support from the outset.

What’s to come for Newton

From what we’ve gathered so far, the Newton ICO holds potential for providing existing ecommerce websites with the increased efficiency, cost reduction and automation that blockchain technology can provide.

The expertise of the founding members in the ecommerce industry and partnerships that have already been established at such an early stage make us even more excited to learn more about it once the whitepaper is released.

Learn more about the Newton ICO from our Telegram Community by clicking here.

Today’s Date: 5/3/18

Project Name: Newton


White Paper: Newton Whitepaper

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