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Covering cryptocurrency coins that are yet to break the Top 100 on CoinMarketCap, and lower cap digital tokens.

ERC20 Tokens Fly While Ether Languishes

It is still too easy to see the cryptocurrency market has a single entity. A bull market creates a sea of green, whereas a bear drags all 2,081 tokens into the red. But this is changing. Price movements are diversifying. Even the ERC20…

What Is Zilliqa? Introduction To ZIL

What Is Zilliqa? Zilliqa is a cryptocurrency project that aims to make blockchains faster and more scalable. It uses sharding technology to streamline the consensus process, so that Ethereum and other blockchains can host distributed…

ZenCash Binance Listing Briefly Postponed

Being listed on a prominent exchange is normally a surefire way for a cryptocurrency to increase its public exposure and accessibility as well as experience a sudden surge in its value. When the South Korean exchange Bithumb announced it…

Syscoin Price Rises Against The Tide

As the markets teeter on a tide of bearish sentiment, one coin is riding a very different wave. The Syscoin price is making a splash with a 40% surge on its new Binance listing, trading at $0.40 at the time of writing (4:20pm UTC). The…

Blackmoon (BMC) Token Progress Report

The Blackmoon Platform and BMC Token allows users to create, promote, develop, and manage tokenized investment funds. Blackmoon hope their product will further serve to bridge the gap between fiat and crypto. On the  platform, investment…

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