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SharesPost announces SEC-approved ICOs

The Securities and Exchange Commission will allow a private exchange to trade in cryptocurrency tokens and investment. SharesPost, a FINRA-registered broker-dealer based in San Francisco, announced today that it had secured regulatory…

NEX Lottery Open For 25,000 Investors

The NEX Lottery has opened, offering 25,000 investors an opportunity to procure their share of one of the most highly-anticipated ICOs of the year. The Neon Exchange (NEX) will randomly select up to 25,000 participants who will be invited…

After The ICO: Now What?

Much attention is given to whether a particular initial coin offering (ICO) may be a good investment prior to crowdfunding or a presale - but what about after the ICO? Separating low quality projects, from projects with a potential for…

Facebook Ad Ban Increases ICO Pressure

On January 30th 2018 a Facebook ad ban went into effect for crypto as the social media company announced a new policy which prohibits advertisements for cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. This new policy also bans ads for…

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