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Micro and macroeconomics news and events related to cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The United States of Bitcoin?

Blockchain technology may operate on the principles of distribution, transparency, and decentralization, but is its most revolutionary application— cryptocurrency— truly democratizing the financial landscape of the United States of Bitcoin?…

Crypto And Cannabis: Best Buds Forever?

Crypto and cannabis have captured the public imagination over the last year or two. Both are new, both are often profitable, and both pit emerging economies against existing regulations. Little highlights the line drawn between states',…

Fear The Rich. They Fear You.

If there's one thing that the leak of The Paradise Papers proves, it's that the rich don't like mere mortals poking around their financial affairs. The maze of shell corporations, tax havens, and secret accounts in the Caymans or the…

Bitcoin Must Fall For Crypto To Survive

The iconography of oppression is rarely so meaningful as when it is toppled. Pieces of the Berlin Wall are kept by those who began life behind the Iron Curtain not because they have intrinsic monetary value, but because they represent the…

Political Science: Blockchain’s Big Ideas

Political science used to be a subject in High School. Today, it's the reality that just keeps being unreal. Yesterday's battle over teaching evolution has devolved into active climate change denial. The scientific truths on which human…

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