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Covering cryptocurrency forks – why they happen, when they happen, and who benefits from the hard fork.

Calvin Ayre: BCH Hash War Could Last Months

Yesterday's fork saw a brutal fight for control of Bitcoin Cash, but the rest of the hash war is still ahead. The two main protocol implementations are still battling it out for control of the Bitcoin Cash network and control of the coveted…

Bitcoin SV Flexes Muscles In Stress Test

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork is less than a week away. Statistics published yesterday showed more than half of the network's miners supported Bitcoin SV,  the brainchild of Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright. The team behind Bitcoin SV has…

Bitcoin Cash Fork Whets Investor Appetites

Hard forks are tense times for any protocol. Blockchain updates need to be implemented seamlessly and harmoniously. Not all work, but the upcoming Bitcoin Cash fork is doing the opposite. Prices are on the rise as investors turn their…

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