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Cryptocurrency in the media – we report on the way crypto and blockchain is presented in the mainstream and crypto media.

The Willful Ignorance Of Media Economists

If you’re the editor of a mainstream newspaper – say, Britain’s Guardian – who do you turn to for expert commentary on cryptocurrencies? An economist, naturally. Newspapers and websites are increasingly desperate for someone, anyone, to…

Crypto Meets Yahoo In Online Quiz Show

It’s not easy to understand blockchain technology. Some people spend hours poring over cryptic white papers, or studying complex video explainers, or even taking online classes. In Taiwan, it’s a bit more fun: just play a game. Contentos…

Crypto Media: What We’re Reading This Week

Mainstream media, financial bigwigs, and Congressman Brad Sherman never tire of eye-popping displays of moral sanctitude as they proclaim Bitcoin to be a digital pyramid scheme; the scam of the century; something that needs to be outlawed…

Elastos Drama After A Surprise Unlock

Investors are in turmoil after Elastos announced that locked-up tokens will be released early, potentially flooding the market with uncirculated coins next month. The project to replace the Internet with a decentralized “SmartWeb” has now…

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