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Cryptocurrency mining news, including tech updates, ASIC miners and ASIC resistance, energy costs, and more.

Bitcoin Miners Go Silent As Price Falls

Despite being pummeled by bears, the Bitcoin mining community is channeling its inner Rocky Balboa for the final fight with Drago. Bitcoin price volatility and squeezed profit margins were a one-two punch to miners in November, with the…

Vertcoin Suffers A 51 Percent Attack

Vertcoin is a lesser known project, but it's becoming more familiar for all the wrong reasons. You might not know it by looking at the price action, but Vertcoin (VTC) is currently under  a 51% attack, with  a wave of reorgs and…

Bitcoin Miners Navigate A Crypto Minefield

When the Bitcoin (BTC) price crashes, most investors first worry about their portfolio, but their second thoughts likely shift towards the miners. After all, the crypto economy is fueled by mining rewards, and there must be some value…

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