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Covering all aspects of privacy coins in crypto, from their social necessity to the technology and security around them.

Video: Can Grin Coin Make Investors Smile?

Today's Video Briefing covers the latest runner in the privacy race: Grin. Based on the new Mimblewimble  protocol, Grin Coin completely obscures transaction sizes and addresses, in a way that promises to be more scalable than most privacy…

Video: Can Zcash Tech Deliver Real Adoption?

Zcash is breaking ground as the latest word in privacy-protecting technology, with big listings on some of the most coveted exchanges around. But can the team live up to their promises? Today's Video Briefing takes a closer look at Zcash,…

Mimblewimble Makes Grin Price Disappear

The latest privacy protocol has pulled a disappearing act, at least where price is concerned. Grin, an anonymous cryptocurrency which made its mainnet debut on Jan. 15, shed 97% of its value in the last 24 hours, with the price against…

Mimblewimble Beams Up Greater Privacy

A new privacy coin is making its debut in the market, and some of its features might sound reminiscent of a certain other coin. No, not that one or that one.  Beam XBM is the maiden crypto for Mimblewimble, a privacy protocol named after a…

What Is Monero? Introduction To XMR

What Is Monero? Monero (XMR) is a cryptocurrency which focuses on being untraceable and private. Its design differs from Bitcoin’s in a few key ways, but it should be understood as a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin - it can be used to…

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