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Heidi Hecht

Heidi Hecht
Winter Haven, Florida

Heidi Hecht

Winter Haven, Florida
Heidi Hecht is a former writer at Crypto Briefing. She is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast and author of the ebook Blockchain Space: How and Why Cryptocurrencies Fit Into the Space Age.
  • Antoine Sorel Néron Is The Biggest Crypto Influencer You've Never Heard Of

    Antoine Sorel Néron Is The Biggest Crypto Influencer You’ve Never Heard Of

    "After I launched the first ICO in 2014 there were a number of projects that added tremendous value to the cryptocurrency space.


  • Meow Meow Implants Bitcoin Wallet Into Own Paw

    Meow Meow Embeds Bitcoin Wallet In Own Paw

    A bulky wallet may be one of the smaller irritants in life that makes cryptocurrencies and mobile payment options attractive, but some people take the bulge in their jeans (and their personal security) seriously. Meow Ludo Disco Gamma Meow Meow's Bitcoin wallet is concealed in...


  • Those Who Serve Also Vote - US Military And Blockchain Voting

    Those Who Serve, Also Vote

    West Virginia has teamed up with Tusk/Montgomery Philanthropies (TMP) to create the first blockchain voting platform for active duty service members in the United States.


  • Ransomware Targets South Koreans

    Why Is South Korea Such A Target For Ransomware?

    Ransomware attacks demanding cryptocurrency payments have been on the rise, striking police stations, hospitals, and (most recently) the city of Atlanta, Georgia.


  • Bitcoin To The Moon - And Eventually Mars

    Bitcoin To The Moon, Baby! (Literally.)

    Bitcoin to the Moon!


  • Legend of Satoshi Puzzle finally solved and 4.87 bitcoins claimed

    “Legend of Satoshi” Puzzle Finally Solved

    In September 2014, a Bitcointalk user going by the username of Ty13rDerden posted the final piece of a puzzle referred to as "The Legend of Satoshi." If you solved the mystery, it could give you the private key of a wallet containing 4.87 bitcoins.


  • Crypto Chain Reaction - decentralization is no match for rumor and FUD

    How A Crypto Chain Reaction Could Have Been Averted

    One of the selling points of decentralized cryptocurrencies is that no one person is supposed to have an outsized amount of influence.


  • Cryptocurrency Regulation Is Coming To Blockchain Technology

    Cryptocurrency Regulation Is Coming, But In What Form?

    Cryptocurrency regulation isn't a matter of if, but when.