Tesla Founder Elon Musk Agrees to a Crypto-Based Mars Economy 

Elon Musk has agreed to the possibility that Mars’ economy may be cryptocurrency-based.

Tesla Founder Elon Musk Agrees to a Crypto-Based Mars Economy 

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The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, replied “Yes” to a thread in AI researcher Lex Fridman’s tweet, which read: “Mars economy will run on crypto.” 

Though in jest, the entrepreneur has had a penchant for stirring excitement within the crypto space.

Elon Musk Mulls Mars Currency

SpaceX is a private aerospace manufacturer, aiming to send the first humans to Mars by 2024. Elon Musk, the company’s founder, is looking to build a “self-sustaining city on Mars as soon as possible.”

People have already started asking questions about the laws and the potential medium of exchange used on the red planet. Lex Fridman, a notable researcher in the field of artificial intelligence, predicted it would be a cryptocurrency. 

Given Musk’s penchant for Dogecoin, a Twitter user asked if the cryptocurrency would be DOGE. Another user suggested Marscoin. 

Elon replied with a simple yes to the questions. 

Last week, Elon had added the title of former CEO of Dogecoin to his Twitter profile and tweeted: “One word: Doge.”  

The price of Dogecoin surged by 35% after the tweet. 

Dogecoin price chart. Source: CoinGecko
Dogecoin price chart. Source: CoinGecko

Before that, the billionaire entrepreneur had enquired if Bitcoin has enough liquidity to handle “large transactions.” 

Musk’s engagement on cryptocurrency Twitter has been satirical, much like his favorite cryptocurrency – Dogecoin. Still, the tech visionary has often made the headline with his remarks on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. 

Moreover, there is no denying that Musk has sights on the crypto market with a reasonably decent understanding

Musk had revealed earlier that he holds 0.25 BTC, worth around $6,650 at current prices. 

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