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VeChain (VEN) Cryptocurrency Trade Recommendation

Undervalued compared to Walton & IOTA: Mid-term growth expected


Our first trade recommendation, VeChain, is a Chinese cryptocurrency project that started in 2015.

The team envisions a world where all things, people, businesses and other real-world entities are all tagged digitized and inter-connected on a distributed, transparent and trust-free virtual network. This virtual network would presumably be VeChain. Information asymmetry would be virtually nonexistent. And the transfer of value from one entity to another within this ecosystem would be completely frictionless.

At first glance one would might begin to question if the author is in fact still living amongst us here on Earth in the year 2017. However, upon a deeper examination into VeChain’s self-labeled “non-whitepaper” the author feels justified in this assessment, acknowledging that the premise is only workable if all actors are equally incentivized to make it a reality. He recognizes that may not necessarily always be the case and moves on to focus on real world use cases with immediate and quantifiable benefits.

VeChain aims to initially focus on supply chain management. It has directed its attention towards the problem of counterfeit luxury goods. According to CNN this problem is worth approximately $461 billion a year.

VeChain’s solution would first allow manufacturers to integrate Internet of Things (IOT) encrypted chips into every branded product they produce. This will first help with tracking the inventory during warehousing and logistics. The brand would later add and activate each item on the blockchain. This would allow potential customers to verify the authenticity of the items they wish to purchase and track them back to the very beginning of the production process. It also allows brands to track the trends of the goods’ second-hand markets.

This newly established digital bridge of ownership between brands and consumers will undoubtedly create a great deal of value for brands, manufacturers and consumers alike. A similar process can also be used for various other industries like food safety, automotive, agriculture, and various other supply chain based industries.

VeChain Team

VeChain has a large and diverse international team comprising seasoned professionals with real domain expertise. The “non-whitepaper” presents a sizable team of 20 members, most of whom have been on board since 2015. CEO Sunny Lu was previously Co-Founder of BitSE (a Chinese software company that has produced other well-known cryptos like QTUM), and prior to that Sunny was CTO and CIO of Louis Vuitton, China. Other members of the management team have similar backgrounds and previously held top posts in Fortune 500 companies.

Other VeChain Fundamentals

VeChain is currently developing version 3 of its blockchain ecosystem and they are ready to integrate the 3rd generation of their smart chip technology.

VEN, VeChain’s token has high utility as it will ultimately be the unit of value transferred between participants in the VeChain ecosystem. And in order to transfer value and execute smart contracts on the blockchain, participants will need to acquire VEN.

The project has a few significant partnerships in place. VeChain did a fashion show with Chinese clothing line “Babyghost” last year at Shanghai’s fashion week. There they demonstrated the ability to scan a piece of clothing that had a VeChain chip embedded, and to see a history of other models who have worn that exact piece in previous shows.

As of this past May VeChain became a portfolio company of PwC (global revenue 35.9 B FY 2016).

According to trust Kuehne & Nagel (revenue 21 billion), the world’s largest freight company has recently signed a service contract to use VeChain’s for asset management.

Overall we really like the direction of VeChain and team behind the wheel. We also believe that this currency is greatly undervalued. If we compare VeChain to its younger brother Walton (WTC) offering a similar IOT/Blockchain concept, we can see that VeChain is trading at roughly one third of Walton’s $172M market cap, which in turn is trading at one sixth of its American cousin IOTA at a market cap of over $1B.


We think this currency is highly disruptive and can easily go 3X in the medium term (3 to 6 months).


Our criteria for trade recommendations are simple.

This satisfies our first criteria of having HUGE potential gains.

Our second criteria requires some form of near term SPARK to ignite a breakout. With VeChain we think this spark may come when the Chinese government un-bans crypto exchanges, something we believe will happen in the near future.

Finally, we always refer back to a token’s core fundamentals. VeChain received a very STRONG SCORE of 88 in its core token fundamentals. But yet the token seems to remain rather undervalued due to it being a Chinese project with a low level of awareness in western markets. This could easily change once the western market learns more about the project and the team behind it.

VeChain satisfies all 3 of our trade criteria and so we think this is a good time to buy

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AS OF 10/30/2017

Action: Buy VeChain (VEN)

Buy up to: $0.35.

Stop Loss: $0.10

Target: $1.00

If you have a trade idea that satisfies our three requirements and would like us to look into it, feel free to shoot me an email at han [at]

Full disclaimer – I bought VEN at $0.29 and just added more to my position at $0.21.


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