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Video: Dash Introduction And Technical Analysis


In today’s Video Briefing, Kiana takes a look at a cryptocurrency you either love or love to hate: Dash. This speedy little coin has become one of the public favorites, and is opening doors all over Latin America. But is Dash digital cash, or digital trash?

Kiana takes a look at some of the unique features of the sixteenth-largest cryptocurrency, including a governance system that routes ten percent of all Dash coins into a treasury for developing and building the Dash ecosystem. The DAO and governance system have helped Dash make a lot of progress – but not without a few downsides, at least according to critics.

Next, Kiana takes a look at Dash’s market outlook, which has seen better days. Dash took a beating in the last few drops, and significantly underperformed the market. Does that Dash is ready to take off, or is it just circling the drain?

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