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Video: Dogecoin Makes Us Laugh, But Can It Make Us Rich?

Such Video. Very Briefing.


Happy Friday! Today’s Video Briefing gives a few pets to one of the goodest boyes in the world of cryptocurrency: Dogecoin. DOGE is fast, cheap, and has a big, friendly community, making it a favorite for online tipping and small transactions.

But that might not be enough to make investors happy. To find out why, Kiana takes a deep look at the latest DARE report– Crypto Briefing’s investment-grade analysis of the Dogecoin project, its developers, technology, and investors.

Even though Dogecoin has a comparatively large community of users and merchants, our analysts found more than a few reasons to worry. For one thing, Dogecoin’s developers have very limited resources–which could spell trouble when it comes to scaling or growth. And the coin’s advantages are shrinking in comparison with the competition, some of which are even faster and cheaper.

Those risks gave Dogecoin a rather depressing grade, according to our analysts. You can read the full report for free on Crypto Briefing’s website.

Then, Kiana takes a look at Dogecoin’s price action. Dogecoin might be getting old, but it’s not going to sleep just yet– Kiana spots a few patterns in the BTC chart that might get investors’ tails wagging again.

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