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Video: It Sounds Cute But Dogecoin Is No Joke

Why is this canine coin among the most popular cryptocurrencies?


In today’s Video Briefing, Kiana leads the awww’s at the cutest cryptocurrency around. Dogecoin might have started as a joke, but it’s leading the way as the most positive and friendly crypto community. Bull market or bear, nothing can bring down the Shibe’s spirits.

Why is the Doge tail always wagging? Kiana takes a look at some of the features that make Doge a great medium for selfless giving, fostering a spirit of generosity in the canine community.

Next, Kiana takes a look at DOGE’s activity in the market, which is getting even more excitable now that the rest of the pack has come out to play. If history is any indication, there could be some nice treats under the tree for Dogecoin hodlers -depending on how the coming weeks pan out, of course.



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  1. Anthony says

    Sold 300k coins to purchase XRP. Wise?

  2. Michael Schoettler says

    HODL!!! Bang zoom Doge to the Moon!!

    1. Chuck says

      how high do you think it will go in the coming months?

  3. Felix says

    Im moving to dogecoin

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