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Home News Video: Can Grin Coin Make Investors Smile?


Video: Can Grin Coin Make Investors Smile?


Today’s Video Briefing covers the latest runner in the privacy race: Grin. Based on the new Mimblewimble  protocol, Grin Coin completely obscures transaction sizes and addresses, in a way that promises to be more scalable than most privacy coins.

But can it really work out? Kiana looks under the covers of this undercover currency to find out what it’s hiding. Unlike Zcash or Monero, Grin is built to scale, with low data requirements which mean that Grin coin miners won’t run out of storage space anytime soon. That might not be enough to catch up with the rest of the race, but it’s certainly a running start.

Next, we take a look at Grin’s trading action, but prices are limited. Barely a month after launching, there’s not a lot of technical data, so you might need to stick to the fundamentals for this one.

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Kiana Danial
Kiana Danialhttps://www.investdiva.com/
Kiana is an experienced crypto and forex trader who is currently writing 'Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies'. She is also the CEO of Invest Diva, and "Invest Diva's Guide to Making Money in Forex" was picked by McGraw-Hill and became an immediate international success.


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