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Video: Holiday Cheer In Crypto Land

Santa says, "Ho-Ho-Hodl"


Just when you thought the Grinch had stolen Christmas, markets have turned green again. In today’s Video Briefing, we visit the Ghost of Christmas Past to find out why the bear trend reversed.

Next, Kiana’s got a little tip from the Ghost of Christmas Present(s) for those of you who left your shopping till the last minute. It’s too late to get your gifts by regular ground shipping, but there’s one trick that can get you your gifts for up to 25% off – as long as you buy them with crypto.

Next, we visit the Ghost of Christmas Future to find out what the charts have in store for Bitcoin. Though it’s hard to say for certain – he’s certainly a very finicky ghost – if trends continue, there might be a few extra presents under your tree next Tuesday.




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