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Video: IOTA Decentralization and Technical Analysis


Today’s Video Briefing takes a look at one of the oddest ducks in the cryptocurrency space – IOTA. Unlike other cryptos, IOTA does not use a blockchain, and the DAG-based Tangle is expected to overcome some of the problems facing Bitcoin and Ethereum.

But is that hope premature? Kiana explores some of the concerns critics have about IOTA. Although the project has so far remained centralized, the latest news suggests that the Tangle may soon be flying without the IOTA Foundation’s guidance.

That might not be enough to get prices to take off, as Kiana takes a look at MIOTA’s technical charts. Despite being one of last year’s highest fliers, the MIOTA token has fallen further than most. This could mark a buy opportunity…. or a reason to run the other way.

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