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Video: Nano Introduction And Technical Analysis

Is Nano as small as it looks?

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Today’s Video Briefing takes on another crypto project that’s trying to break free of the blockchain’s shackles: Nano. Much like IOTA, Nano’s block-lattice architecture allows it to process fast transactions for zero fees – and none of the embarrassing costs of traditional blockchain mining.

Those advantages made Nano the hottest coin in the market last December, as the price shot up to $33 per token before crashing in one of the year’s most famous hacks. But is that all there is to it? Kiana looks into some of the other reasons to doubt the Nano currency, which go down into the fundamental incentives that support the currency.

Then we take a look at Nano’s technical indicators.  While it’s been a long time since Nano was worth $33, the speedy little token still shows plenty of pluck and has many true believers. That might not save it from Bear season, though, as Kiana examines Nano’s price action to determine where it’s headed.

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