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Video: What's In Store For TRON?

Kiana talks Tron in a video briefing

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In today’s Video Briefing, Kiana takes another look at TRON, one of the brightest spots in what is still a rather gloomy market. It’s been almost exactly a year since the project was widely dismissed for excessive hype and a copy-pasted white paper.  Now, TRX is a top-ten cryptocurrency with no sign of collapse…yet.

Is this Justin’s Sun rising, or just a false dawn? Kiana takes a look at some of the short-term factors that may be exciting investors, including dozens of new dApps and an upcoming conference. By themselves, they won’t turn TRON into a winning platform, but they could keep the stone rolling.

Next, Kiana takes a look at TRX’s price movements, where it’s outperforming several leading cryptocurrencies. TRON’s omens have been favorable for the past month, but is this the start of a long term trend, or a lucky streak about to end?

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