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Video: What’s New With NEO?


Today’s Video Briefing covers another one of 2017’s biggest hits: NEO, formerly known as Antshares. While commonly regarded as Asia’s “Ethereum Killer,” the price drops over the past year look a lot more like a suicide. But, much like the hero of the Matrix, this cryptocurrency is hard to kill. There’s plenty of life left in this high-speed, enterprise-oriented ledger, as the community wraps up the latest NEODevCon in Seattle.

So what’s the origin of NEO’s superpowers? Kiana explains some of the qualities of the Delegated-Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus model, which allows NEO to process transactions quickly with no mining and minimal fees. Those advantages gave NEO an early start to the scalability race, one likely to improve thanks to Trinity, NEO’s second-layer scaling solution.

These features have attracted a big community of companies and developers, working on user-friendly solutions like decentralized storage and decentralized identities.

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But that might not be enough to stop NEO from getting mauled in the bear market, as the NEO/USD pair  struggles to build up bullish momentum. A strong push could see NEO push back into the double digits, or sink back to $5 lows.

Does NEO have a chance at a new recovery, or is it headed the way of the dinosaurs? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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