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Best Bang for your Bit: 7 Incredible Crypto Deals Right Now

7 incredible deals on crypto available right now

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It’s bear season, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop buying. Sure, you might spend all your time scrounging through recycling bins and clipping coupons out of newspaper, but there are still many places to get crypto at discount prices. 

Although exchanges like Coinbase charge a wide spread, there are many bargains around if you’re not picky about where you get them. Some lesser-known exchanges offer pretty steep discounts, and can tell you exactly where to look.

There are a few catches—most of these high-gain trades involve only a few thousand USD of volume, and arbitrage opportunities might vanish as quickly as they appear. However, if you’ve got time to spare, here’s how even the most satoshi-pinching investors can get their hands on some inexpensive crypto. 

Bitcoin Diamond To USD (+660% Over Spot)

It’s not all red, and one fork is having a pretty good week indeed. Bitcoin Diamond gained 300% profits in a few days. Although the price has since settled, it’s still a comfortable gain if you’ve been hodling. 

Here’s how you can get the most out of your cash-out, if you happen to have invested heavily in long-shot forks. Send your Diamonds to Kucoin, and transfer them to ethers or regular old bitcoins, which can be sold for a premium on Bitflip or the Waves Dex:

Ontology for Quantum(+113%)

Trading one ERC-20 for another is usually fairly straightforward, since they’re both based on the Ethereum blockchain. Things get more interesting if you want to trade tokens from one blockchain for those for another. There isn’t a straight route between them, but those complications can make for some strong opportunities if you’re smart enough to take advantage of them. 

As a case in point, swapping Ontology (NEP-5) can get a nice 113% gain for Qtum, which recently left Ethereum to launch its own main net. All you have to do is sell your ONT for BTC, and trade the Bitcoins on BCEX, an exchange located in Vancouver. 

USD for Nano (+50% over Spot)

Remember when Nano was worth $27? Neither do we. The last time this project had a good week, it was still called RaiBlocks and could only be bought on Bitgrail. 

You might have missed your chance for sub-dollar Nano this month, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a bargain. Just trade your dollars for ethers on Stocks.Exchange, and then you have a choice of several exchanges to buy nano at a nice buy-one-get-one deal. Just don’t leave them on an exchange this time. 

EOS for Tronix (+140% Over Spot)

Perhaps you’re one of the many investors who’ve been disappointed by the many stumbles in the EOS ecosystem, starting with the mainnet launch(if not, indeed, earlier). Meanwhile, Tron has been comparatively scandal-free. 

You could trade your EOS for Tronix on Binance, but that would leave a whole lot of digital money on the table. Or, you could trade EOS for bitcoins on Exrates, an Indonesian exchange with very favorable prices. From there, it’s a quick hop to several exchanges where TRX tokens are dirt-cheap. 

Nano for PRL

Or perhaps you’ve got a good feeling about last years’ greatest hits. The Oyster project has had a pretty bearish summer, and after a 98.5% drop it’s either a dead coin….or one hell of a bargain. 

If you’re starting with dollars, follow the instructions above for buying Nano. Then, trade your cheap nanos for ethers on HitBTC, which can be easily traded for even cheaper Pearl tokens on Kucoin.

So far we’ve mostly scraped the bargain bins for less-known coins or rarely-traded Bitcoin clones. But what if you wanted to keep your funds in top coins? 

Doge for Doge (+23% gains)

One of the treasured refrains in the Dogecoin community is that a doge will always be worth one doge, making it the most reliable stablecoin of all. 

Crypto Briefing is now pleased to report that, in contravention of the normal rules of economics and common sense, a dogecoin is now worth significantly more than a single dogecoin. You can now trade your litter for as much as 23% percent more pups—assuming you can get through the hassle of KYC, that is. 

All you have to do is trade your DOGE for BTC on Graviex, and send them to CoinEgg to swap them back for a puppy premium. You do have to spend money on the Bitcoin transaction as well as fees, but you’ll make a profit as long as you have more than $0.60 in Dogecoin to trade. 

Bitcoin for Bitcoin (+30% Gains)

If you sold most of your bitcoins in January, you’ve probably spent the last eight months with your finger nervously circling the “buy” button. It’s hard to time the market, and there’s nothing worse than second-guessing yourself afterwards.

Now you can grow your stack—without having to buy back in. Several markets offer premiums of over 30% on BTC, mostly by trading for low-fee coins like BitMark or Nano. 

The catch? Most of those premiums come from less-reliable exchanges. When the most reputable place for your trade is HitBTC, you might be in trouble. 

All this makes for a fun exercise, but stops a little sort of a decent moneymaker. Most of these trades depend on extremely low-liquidity markets in less-than-reputable exchanges. If you’re looking for a fun gambling exercise, Coinlib’s Best Price Tool might be a good way to kill an afternoon. If you want to get rich, look somewhere else.

The author has investments in several digital assets mentioned here. 

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