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Crypto Kitties Were Just The Beginning - ERC-721 Tokens On Ethereum

Sorry, Ethereum – Crypto Kitties Were Just The Beginning

If you bought an original copy of Action Comics #1 back in 1938 and managed to keep it in pristine condition for 75 years,...

Crypto Kitties Have Taken Over Ethereum Network and ICOs are Canceling

When I first heard of Crypto Kitties, my first reaction was that it was hilarious, cute, and definitely not something to be taken at...
CryptoKitties Raises $15M Portends More Viral Games Ahead

CryptoKitties Raises $15M: Portends More Viral Games Ahead

Older generations play with real pets. Today's iPhone crowd spends cryptos to breed make-believe pets that have special "cattributes." Dapper Labs on Friday announced $15...
NPR CryptoKitties epsiodes suggest the Planet Money team is now hodling digital cats

NPR CryptoKitties Shows Introduce Millions To Blockchain Cats

Ethereum may be in the dumps, but CryptoKitties are reaching a nationwide audience. The Indicator from Planet Money, a podcast on markets and economics...
spam with crypto briefing logo

Spam Attacks: Crypto Strategies For Surplus Transactions

For years, Bitcoin and other blockchains have been targeted by spam transactions. These are small transactions, which in large numbers might threaten to congest...
these old cryptos did it first

What-Coin? These Old Cryptos Did It First

The crypto market is constantly in flux: brand-new cryptocurrencies regularly appear at the top of the charts, while older coins slowly fade away. While...
Pillar Crypto Wallet Debuts Alongside Rap Anthem Inspiring Or Irrelevant

Pillar Crypto Wallet Debuts Alongside Rap Anthem: Inspiring Or Irrelevant?

The Pillar Project, a blockchain centered initiative to provide an all-in-one solution for digital asset management, has announced the official launch of its main...
Crypto Projects That Have to Deliver

6 Crypto Projects That Had Damn Well Better Deliver in 2019

If there’s one thing the mainstream business media and their allies in banking managed to achieve in 2018, it was to throw shade on...
Holiday and Christmas Gift Guide For Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

10 Cryptocurrency Gifts for the Bitcoin Fanatic in Your Life

Everyone’s rushing to put out holiday gift guides, and Crypto Briefing is no exception. Market stabilization from holiday 2017’s alleged price manipulation has cryptocurrency...
Fortune Ledger 40 Under 40 In Crypto Is Kinda Boring

Fortune’s Crypto Innovators Are… Kinda Boring.

Buzzfeed may have perfected the Listicle, but Fortune invented it. Every year the magazine puts out fresh rankings of the most influential figures in...
How A Freelance Writer Became A Crypto Convert - Blockchain Is Bigger Than Bitcoin

How A Freelance Writer Became A Crypto Convert

Despite our focus on a genius or two, and the amazing teams working on core and cash, and the clever people pulling financial stunts...
Trillion Dollar Crypto Market Right Around The Corner

Trillion Dollar Crypto Market Is Coming Soon

Cryptocurrency has experienced something of a renaissance over the past month and the prospect of a trillion dollar crypto market seems to have been...
What Is A Token In Cryptocurrency

What Is A Token In Cryptocurrency?

  Blockchains typically use tokenized transactions, and those tokens are known as cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency token is a store of asset value, and what asset...
recruits top wizard from MTG

Gods Unchained Summons MTG Game Director

Blockchain gaming has come a long way since Crypto Kitties. Immutable, the company behind Gods Unchained, is now making a major push to attract...
Monero Konferenco discusses drones exchanges and health care

Drones, Tokens And Non-Custodial Exchanges: Monero Konferenco Thinks Big

The Monero Konferenco took place in Denver, Colorado last month, drawing some of the brightest minds of the privacy-oriented community. While most of the...
What is Loom Network

What Is Loom Network?  Introduction to LOOM Token

What Is Loom Network? The Loom Network is an Ethereum-based, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) network with a Software Development Kit (SDK) targeting large-scale, decentralized social app and...
What is Ravencoin

What Is Ravencoin? Introduction to RVN Token

What Is Ravencoin? The open-source Ravencoin platform launched January 3, 2018 to enable tokenized P2P asset transfers on the blockchain. While blockchains like Bitcoin and...
Constantinople fork will make Ethereum more like Zcash

Constantinople Fork Will Make Ethereum More Like Zcash

Vitalik Buterin wants to be more like Zooko Wilcox. Well, more accurately, he wants Ethereum (ETH) to be more like Zcash (ZEC) with the...
Happy Birthday NEO Two Years Since Mainnet Launch

Happy Birthday NEO: The One Becomes Two

NEO celebrated its second anniversary today, signifying two years of stable operations since its mainnet launched. While most of us celebrate our birthdays with...
NANO Up 125 percent as investor sentiment turns bullish

NANO Price Up 125%: Investors Attracted To Its Potential

The Nano price has doubled in value: the coin went from $0.80 last Tuesday to around $1.80 today, a 125% increase with over $100m...

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