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Enjin Mint Lets You Tailor Your Own Tokens

Ever wanted your own digital coin for a social club or business?Enjin (ENJ) on Thursday launched Mintshop, a digital minting platform that creates customizable tokens based on Ethereum's ERC-1155 standard. The Singapore-based blockchain…

ConsenSys Carves Out New Blockchain Space

Cryptonauts talk about going to the Moon, but ConsenSys is aiming a bit higher.The New York-based blockchain firm on Wednesday acquired Planetary Resources, a space resources and exploration venture in an asset-purchase transaction.…

Wall Street Learns to Hodl

After ten years of watching from the sidelines, Wall Street is dipping more toes into the crypto world.Bank of America is the latest legacy financial institution to test the waters. On Tuesday the bank was awarded a patent for "systems…

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