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What Is Verge? Introduction to XVG

What is Verge XVG? Verge XVG is a breakout digital currency in its own right, in the porn industry. Pornhub now lists XVG as a payment option and that's just one example of the e-commerce blockchain that Verge has already delivered. Verge…

What Is ZEC? Introduction to Zcash

What is Zcash ZEC? Zcash is a digital currency that has a number of benefits compared to Bitcoin and Litecoin. Enhanced privacy, zero-knowledge transfers and, in theory, total anonymity mark it apart as a payment system. Online privacy is…

What Is Tether? Introduction To USDT

As cryptocurrencies go, Tether has the least of the things that make them interesting and perhaps the most of the things that make them attractive to traditional finance. Tether’s primary aim is simple: provide a way to move dollars on the…

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