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Google Cloud joins EigenLayer mainnet as node operator

Google Cloud was among the testnet participants for EigenLayer back in November last year.

A developer working with cloud clusters and nodes for Google Cloud's EigenLayer mainnet operator.

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Google Cloud has launched its EigenLayer mainnet node operator, marking a milestone for the restaking protocol and its ecosystem.

Sam Padilla, Web3 product manager and node operator at Google Cloud, announced the successful launch of the company’s EigenLayer mainnet operator on X (formerly Twitter).

This move follows Google Cloud’s previous involvement in EigenLayer’s “Operator Working Group” alongside more than 65 other operators and solo stakers.

EigenLayer, a restaking protocol that allows ether (ETH) to be staked on multiple platforms simultaneously, went live for stakers in June. However, operators, who enhance security and allow stakers to delegate assets, have been in testnet until now. The launch of Google Cloud’s mainnet operator signifies a crucial step towards the full realization of EigenLayer’s vision.

Google Cloud’s involvement in the Web3 space has been steadily growing since the creation of its blockchain division in January 2022, which was led by Shivakumar Venkataraman, an engineering VP for Google under Alphabet Inc. The company has launched various initiatives, including the Blockchain Node Engine, a web3 startup program, and partnerships with protocols like Polygon and LayerZero.

The tech giant’s participation in EigenLayer has not been without controversy, with some viewing the presence of a large cloud computing service as a potential threat to decentralization. However, EigenLayer’s permissionless operator registration allows for a diverse range of participants, from solo stakers to large institutions.

As EigenLayer continues to develop and attract more operators and stakers, the protocol aims to foster open innovation powered by Ethereum’s programmable trust. The successful launch of Google Cloud’s mainnet operator marks an important milestone in this journey, paving the way for further adoption and growth of the EigenLayer ecosystem.

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