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NEX Lottery Open For 25,000 Investors

NEX Lottery open for NEON Exchange

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The NEX Lottery has opened, offering 25,000 investors an opportunity to procure their share of one of the most highly-anticipated ICOs of the year. The Neon Exchange (NEX) will randomly select up to 25,000 participants who will be invited to contribute up to $1,000 each – a later round has been scheduled to ensure the max cap is reached if the first round fails to do so.

As the team have amassed a huge following and demand is high, access to the token sale is via lottery. This ensures everyone has an equal opportunity to take part. Selected winners will have to verify their identity through KYC, and will then be able to participate in the ICO a couple of days later.

No need to hurry, as registration stays open until March 30th, 2018

US-based investors should be aware that the NEX legal team are still ascertaining if their contribution is possible, and will have an answer by March 30th. They are, however, free to apply in the meantime.

The following countries are definitely not allowed: Algeria, Bolivia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Ecuador, Myanmar, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria.

What is the NEON Exchange?

In the words of our own ICO analysts, NEX will be a decentralized exchange, payment service and wallet for NEO Smart Economy. You can read the full ICO review here.

Just as Ethereum has ERC-20 tokens, NEO has NEP-5 tokens. These are slowly gaining support from major exchanges but still lack liquidity, and the NEON exchange aims to solve this.

It will feature fiat integration, and aims to provide the best features of both decentralized and centralized exchanges. Sound familiar? Binance have recently unveiled similar plans.

How Does the NEX Token Sale Work?

The first lottery, to be drawn on March 31st, will select 25,000 applicants who will be able to contribute up to 1000 USD each. There is no need to hurry, as registration for the lottery will remain open until March 30, 2018.

Once the winners of the first lottery have contributed, a second lottery will take place to fill the gap left by those who either didn’t pass the customer verification standards (KYC) or contributed less than 1000 USD.

To register for the NEX lottery, you will need to provide the following information:

  • An email address
  • ID Number (National ID, Passport, Drivers License)
  • Country issuing their Passport

You will also need a contributing wallet address, which is only obtainable by installing the Chrome NEX wallet extension.

The wallet address supplied in the registration must be the same that you use for KYC, and must also be the same address that you send NEO/GAS from when you contribute to the ICO.

NEX Lottery Schedule

  • March 12th NEX Lottery registration opens
  • March 30th Lottery registration closes
  • March 31st First lottery drawn and 25,000 winners announced
  • April 7th KYC verification closes for winners of first lottery
  • April 8th Second round of lottery winners announced, and KYC opens for these winners
  • April 14th KYC closes for winners of second lottery
  • April TBA NEX token sale begins

For more details of the token sale, visit the NEON Exchange website, Twitter, or Medium.

Participants are advised to be EXTRA CAREFUL of scam addresses, and check that the website they visit says at the top.

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