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Kieran Smith

Kieran Smith

Kieran Smith

  • Bittrex Opens Doors To New Exchange Customers

    Bittrex Opens the Gates, And Slams Them Shut Again

    After weeks of closed doors, Bittrex finally opened up to new registrants – but couldn’t handle the “overwhelming demand” and had to close again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Due to an overwhelming response from new users, registration is temporarily paused. We’re working to make the necessary tweaks and reopen signups again shortly. — Bittrex (@BittrexExchange)


  • Nano lawsuit progresses with Silver Miller law firm

    What’s up with Nano, Anyway?

    In the latest twist in the unfortunate BitGrail Saga, Nano has been sued.. an event that seems to have coincided with the announcement that they are setting up a legal fund to help victims of the hack. Nano's price and valuation have suffered accordingly.


  • Bear Sentiment Starts To Melt

    Five Famous Investors Turning Bullish On Blockchain

    Depending on the narrative you buy into, the current crypto market meltdown is either the result of whales manipulating the market to create better entry points, a normal market retrace, or fear of regulation driving cryptocurrency prices even lower.


  • India Turns Back On Cryptocurrency With Bitcoin Ban

    No Bitcoin For You: India Bans Crypto Businesses

    The Reserve Bank of India has introduced a blanket ban on regulated businesses dealing with virtual currencies. The regulation is just another move in the global crypto crackdown, but such a firm stance stance hasn’t been seen since the China ban. Is this the end for crypto in India?


  • Crypto Celebrities Behaving Badly in Blockchain Soap Opera

    Crypto Celebrities Star In Blockchain Soap Opera

    With its own leading actors, overnight stars, bitter feuds and power struggles, the world of crypto celebrities has become a real-life soap opera: All the gossip and sensationalism of Hollywood, but played out against an epic backdrop of rapidly shifting market sentiment.


  • Full Steem Ahead - Steemit Coin On The Right Track

    Full Steem Ahead – Steemit Token On Track

    Social media token Steem is heating up in anticipation of the Hivemind protocol, which is expected to enable community functionality on the Steemit platform. An update was posted yesterday on the Steemit blog, and the STEEM token saw a threefold increase in trading volume and a price increase of around 30% according to CoinMarketCap. At


  • Texas Cops Could Get Own Cryptocurrency

    Texas Cops Could Be Getting Their Own Cryptocurrency

    Despite the US not recognising virtual currency as legal tender, a Texas town near Dallas might be introducing its own cryptocurrency - if mayoral candidate Winston Edmonson gets his way. Blue Coin would be a ‘municipal cryptocurrency’ to generate revenue for an underfunded police department.


  • Bitcoin Can't Buy Love Happiness Or AC Milan

    Bitcoin Can’t Buy You Love, Happiness… Or AC Milan

    Bitcoin can be used to buy everything from a bar of soap on Overstock, to a trip to Mexico on Expedia, and a Lamborghini from MoonLambos. But there are some things the digital currency can't buy... among them, love, happiness, and Italian football club AC Milan. Nice try, though.