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SingularityNET Collaborates With TODA To Bring Scalable Marketplace Version

SNET's marketplace will have two different versions.

SingularityNET Collaborates With TODA To Bring Scalable Marketplace Version

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SingularityNET has announced a collaboration with TODA to host its decentralized AI marketplace on the platform. Dubbed Singularity-on-TODA, the new platform will replace all Ethereum-based payment channels with TODA, providing an additional option for agents to conduct their business on. The two platforms will remain separate, however.

The collaboration is still in the testing stage, with SingularityNET CEO Dr. Ben Goertzel explaining that “…a working prototype Singularity-on-TODA AI agent has been created and tested, and there appear no obstacles to extending the integration to other AI agents, enabling SingularityNET to leverage the superior scalability of the TODA protocol.”

The TODA integration will the first step in making SingularityNET a wider reaching project, though the Ethereum version still maintains priority.

“What we are envisioning is to make SingularityNET multi-chain, meaning we could have some SingularityNET AI agents using Ethereum and some others using TODA and the two could interact — and potentially later have SingularityNET agents running on other blockchains as well,” continued Goertzel.

To make the partnership more rewarding, the two companies have decided to join forces through their enterprise branches, Toda.Network and Singularity Studio.

Together they have opened Todalarity, a startup product accelerator providing funding and engineering support to deploy products on the SingularityNET and TODA platforms. The products created by the incubated startups will be made available on a special Todalarity Marketplace, based on the tech stack of the two partners. 

The TODA Protocol is a scalable, decentralized platform enabling value propagation between the internal components of complex software networks. It uses common data structures from projects such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, but embeds them in a different, node-centric architecture. Each node contains a chunk of the global Merkle, or Toda tree.

Previously, SingularityNET released the important V2 update to its platform, while the full story behind the Todalarity was released in a series of posts by the company.

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