SIMETRI Profits of 919%


High ETH Prices Are (Finally) Good For Ethereum

Things are looking pretty bullish for Ethereum (ETH). The Ether price has surged by over ten percent in the past couple of days, and crossed above the psychological $200 barrier...

Cardano Staking: Everything You Need To Know About ADA Returns

Cardano is currently on the road to Shelley, an upgrade that will introduce staking for the first time via its Oroborous Genesis consensus mechanism. IOHK, Cardano’s development group, has been...

Return Of The King: V-Systems Roars Up The Charts

Coinmarketcap observers may have noticed a newcomer in the top 30 list recently. V-Systems, the latest project by Sunny King, has risen to a cap of over $400 million. V...

DPOS Blockchains: Is Decentralization At Stake?

Delegated proof-of-stake (DPOS) is a consensus mechanism in which coinholders stake their coins with large node operators (aka delegates, witnesses, or block producers). Instead of mining, coinholders elect delegates to...

Blockchain Governance And Decentralization: Are Workable Models Mutually-Exclusive?

Blockchain governance is, essentially, the means by which changes are proposed and implemented on a blockchain platform. This comes with a challenge: a wide variety of participants must be given...

Crypto Scarcity Drives Price: A Concept Even Nouriel Roubini Should Understand

As the Bitcoin bull market surges on, other projects are ever more aware of the fundamental appeal that BTC has: scarcity. There will only ever be 21 million coins in...

InfStones Set To Make Staking-As-A-Service More Transparent

The staking as a service (SaaS) provider Infinity Stones – ‘InfStones’ – has unveiled a new service to enable clients to better track the income from tokens staked on nodes...

What Is A Blockchain Oracle?

Blockchain technology is ushering in a new wave of technological change that will replace the way we do things: how we manage our money; how we track goods in transit;...