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Dash Ventures Into New Areas Of Business

Dash (DASH) has finalized the structure of the new Dash Ventures entity, an investment fund to be  financed directly from block rewards.The Dash Core Group announced on Thursday night, during the Q4 2018 live stream on YouTube, that…

Dash Celebrates A Lean Fifth Birthday

It's been five years since payments platform Dash made its debut, which makes the project about 35 in crypto years. The Dash team has revealed that it's not easy to keep the fire burning year after year, and we would venture that it's…

Dash CEO: No Budget Problems Here

Bear season is taking its toll, and crypto companies are already shutting up shop. But Dash Core Group won't be one of them, according to CEO Ryan Taylor.  In a recent blog post,  Taylor addressed the "severe breakdown of market…

Can Crypto Fix Legal Weed?

Cryptocurrency is looking at green candles... and green markets, today. Alt Thirty Six, an Arizona-based startup, is soon to complete integration of a Dash-based payment system that may free the legal cannabis industry from the straitjacket…

Dash Reveals KRIP Phone For South Americans

Dash has announced a deal with Kripto Mobile Corporation that could give Latin Americans a system that actually works for using cryptocurrency for peer-to-peer payments and other basic transactions.Essentially the KRIP mobile phones…

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