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SEC Proposes Amendment for Easier Fundraising

The SEC announced a proposed set of amendments that would make it easier for companies to raise money. The amendments would increase the amount companies could raise through exemptions and...

Coinbase-backed TruStory Shuts Down, Returning $3M

TruStory, a blockchain project aimed at crowdsourcing productive debate, has announced today that it’s shutting down.  The CEO confirmed the news via a blog post on the company’s Medium channel,...

Are IEOs Safer to Invest in Than ICOs?

After the ICO bubble popped in late 2018, projects scrambled to find new ways to raise money. After briefly courting the Security Token Offering, markets settled on a ‘new’ concept:...

Meet iZbreaker: Social Media Comes To Ethereum Classic

When you think of popular social media platforms, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is probably not the first one that comes to mind. But that could change with a new social media...

The SEC Effect: Crypto Investors Feel The Chill

Markets have taken a turn for the worse as North American investors reacted to the SEC’s latest pronouncements for future token sales. Based on their latest movements, regulators will continue...

Meet The SCO: NULS Trials Alternative Crowdfunding Method

NULS, an enterprise-focused blockchain platform, has announced the successful test of its innovative staking service, dubbed Staked Coin Output (SCO). The system leverages NULS’ existing staking infrastructure to provide an...

Novogratz’ Galaxy To Launch Crypto IPOs

Galaxy Digital is now a licensed underwriter for registered public offerings, the company announced yesterday. Having already secured approval from the Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Galaxy can now facilitate IPOs...

Good News For Ripple? SEC To Consider More “No Action” Letters For Crypto

U.S. regulators may be taking a more flexible approach to enforcing security regulations in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. That could include granting no-action letters to ICO and other cryptocurrency...