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Low Bitcoin Volatility Suggests Intense Imminent Price Breakout

Bitcoin volatility is unusually low at the moment. Although some have suggested this signifies BTC is becoming a new store of value, established cyclical trends point to another breakout on...

Market Commentary: BTC And ETH Rise But Experts Say Crypto Industry Still Immature

Bitcoin’s price has recovered above $10,000 yet again, allaying any fears of a massive sell-off. Cryptocurrencies in general are seeing plenty of green, with Ethereum, BAT and Maker leading the...

Crypto Sentiment Almost Never Lies: 5 Hot Coins, And 4 Cold Fish

Well, that rally was short. Just as traders started to get excited for the 2019 altseason, cruel fate snatched it away again. As Crypto Briefing suggested yesterday, the latest sharp...

Market Commentary: Bitcoin Falls As Fed Lowers Interest, Privacy Coins Face Scrutiny

Cryptocurrency markets are back in the red after yesterday’s meteoric rise. With some experts suggesting that yesterday’s rally was nothing more than a short squeeze, a retracement was to be...

Understanding The ETH Rally: Is This Altseason?

Markets are in a state of flux, with several cryptocurrencies rising by double digits. After several months of dashed hopes, many investors are wondering if today’s gains are the beginning...

With Latest Rise, Stellar And XRP Move As Twins

Stellar‘s price action today is…pretty stellar. XLM is leading the markets, having surged by as much as 40% since yesterday morning. After trading for around six cents for most of...

Market Commentary: Stellar Leaves Earth Behind, As Ethereum Overtakes Bitcoin

Altcoin season may be upon us, after all. Prices for almost all non-Bitcoin currencies are posting strong single and sometimes double-digit gains, while BTC’s stability could make a few smaller...

High ETH Prices Are (Finally) Good For Ethereum

Things are looking pretty bullish for Ethereum (ETH). The Ether price has surged by over ten percent in the past couple of days, and crossed above the psychological $200 barrier...