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Reporting on the social impact of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech, from the unbanked to the promise of inclusion.

Can A Blockchain Save Endangered Species?

Cryptocurrency isn’t known for being environmentally friendly (well, not Proof of Work mechanisms like Bitcoin), but a new blockchain project could help save endangered species—at a discount.The Newton Project, which seeks to replace…

China Bans Create Crypto Refugees

China's latest crackdown on cryptocurrency trading won't stop the determined few. China is set to lose the best and brightest of its current digital crop as they head off as crypto refugees. There is just one problem: they're taking the…

Press Freedom Gets a Crypto Boost

The First Amendment just got a major financial boost in the United States. Mainframe, a cryptocurrency startup dedicated to creating a censorship-resistant messaging system, donated a thousand Ethers to the Freedom of the Press Foundation.…

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