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Steem news and STEEM price updates, analysis of the publishing platform and smart media tokens.

Steem DApp Growth Exceeded EOS Last Month

Few blockchain platforms would even dream of a 4,600% increase in their number of dApps. But the decentralized sharing network Steem (STEEM) now has those bragging rights, for last month anyway. More than forty decentralized apps - dApps…

What Is Steem? Introduction to Steemit

What is Steemit - And What Is Steem? Steemit is a social media platform built on the blockchain that pays its content creators and curators in cryptocurrency. It's a complete ecosystem that has the potential to fix a lot of issues with…

Full Steem Ahead – Steemit Token On Track

Social media token Steem is heating up in anticipation of the Hivemind protocol, which is expected to enable community functionality on the Steemit platform. An update was posted yesterday on the Steemit blog, and the STEEM token saw a…

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