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TRON Will Seize $5 Million Steem From Dissident Tokenholders

Steem, a popular blockchain and social blogging platform, will undergo a hard fork on Wednesday to shut down accounts that object to TRON’s leadership, seizing about $5 million in STEEM in...

What Are Steem and Hive? A Comparison of Both Decentralized Content Blockchains

In March 2020, the decentralized content network Steem was acquired by TRON. The Steem community responded to the hostile takeover by launching Hive, a blockchain based on Steem code that...

Steem Responds to TRON Merger With Power-Limiting Soft Fork

Steem witnesses executed a soft fork today in order to ensure that TRON’s upcoming acquisition does not harm the integrity of the Steem blockchain. The Steem community explains: “We have...

Steemit Migrating to TRON Blockchain, New Partnership

Steemit has entered an extensive strategic partnership with the TRON Foundation. Though TRON is not calling the change an acquisition, it seems that the result will be the same. According...

DApps Took In More Money Than App Store In First Year

There’s no clear winner in the race for a killer app, but there’s no shortage of contenders. Decentralized applications (dApps) were put on the map in last year, generating$6.7 billion in...

Steem DApp Growth Exceeded EOS Last Month

Few blockchain platforms would even dream of a 4,600% increase in their number of dApps. But the decentralized sharing network Steem (STEEM) now has those bragging rights, for last month anyway. More...

Chopping Blockchain: Crypto Recession Calls Time On Startups

The temperatures may be just beginning to drop, but cryptocurrencies have been stuck in winter for what seems an ice age. For months blockchain leaders have insisted that the drop...

STEEM Boils Over: Update HF20 Creates $70m Boost

Steem (STEEM) tokens have shot up in value, breaking past the $1 barrier, as the decentralized media distribution platform, Steemit, gets ready to make account creation more accessible in an update...