Steve Kaaru


Steve Kaaru

Steve is a cryptocurrency enthusiast with knowledge and experience that spans three years. Fascinated by the prospect of a decentralized world in which everyone is equal, he champions the industry through thoroughly-researched and well-crafted articles. He's an ardent Jay Z fan too.
  • How Kenya’s RideSafe Is Saving Lives With Blockchain Technology


    It’s a chilly Monday morning on the streets of Nairobi. The city is a beehive of activity as everyone hurriedly makes their way to work and school. While in New...

  • How A Homeless New Yorker Helped Launch Africa’s Crypto Revolution


    I have attended a number of cryptocurrency events, where I usually interact with cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts who have been in the industry for quite some time. Only once have...

  • Sending Crypto While Offline: Solving Africa’s Connectivity Challenge


    Africa has come a long way in technology and connectivity. Before the start of the decade, few knew what a smartphone was. However, according to data from The GSM Association,...

  • Zimbocash: A Digital Currency For Zimbabwe


    Hyperinflation has become synonymous with Zimbabwe, and the African nation’s monetary system has been on a roller coaster for the past decade. Its national currency, the Zimbabwean dollar, lost so...

  • Dash Nigeria: Bitcoin Dominance Challenged By Unstoppable Adoption


    Bitcoin is the undisputed global crypto king. Its dominance on exchanges stands at just over 50 percent, and it’s the standard by which all other cryptocurrencies are measured. However, in...

  • South Africa Proudly Leads The World In Crypto Adoption


    A recent Hootsuite study revealed that South Africa ranks first in the world for the highest percentage of internet users who own cryptocurrencies. The social media management firm conducted the...

  • A Unicorn in the Making: VoguePay Is Making Payments Easier In Nigeria


    The challenge of making and receiving payments in Africa has been widely documented. The continent has the world’s highest remittance fees, and payments between different countries aren’t any easier. You...

  • Uganda Quietly Fortifies Position As Blockchain Hub


    When you think of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in Africa, Uganda isn’t the first country that springs to mind. Instead, it’s the traditional tech titans in Africa that many associate...