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Video: Is XRP Finally Turning The Tide?

Kiana talks about ripple XRP

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Today’s Video Briefing covers the coin crypto lovers love to hate: XRP, the token issued by Ripple Labs to provide liquidity for cross-border payments through xRapid and other financial products. XRP is faster, cheaper and greener than Bitcoin, and it’s just been listed on Coinbase Pro, so why isn’t the crypto world flooding in?

To find out what all the fuss is about, Kiana takes a look at the latest DARE review, Crypto Briefing’s deepest dive into the XRP ecosystem. Our analysts found many factors that could help XRP succeed, including a growing ecosystem of companies and financial institutions which are starting to adopt the token for payments and remittances.

But our experts also identified a few trouble spots — including possible regulatory complications and new competition from institutional players. Although Kiana only scratches the surface, you can read the full evaluation here.

Next, Kiana takes a look at the latest jump in XRP’s prices to see how long the good news will last. Although XRP gained over $1bn in market capitalization following the Coinbase news, that might not be enough to push it into bull territory. Ichimoku analysis says there’s still room to fall– which could be good news, at least for true believers.

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