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Bitcoin And Crypto Recover As BNB Tries To Catch Up

Andreessen Horowitz is crypto's cheerleader, while CZ vents his frustration.

Bitcoin price and market commentary Sept 2

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The crypto markets are continuing to trade sideways, but the outlook appears to be gradually improving. Bitcoin gained more than 2% over the weekend, while altcoins show a diverse landscape of gains and losses.

Cryptocurrency market prices by Coin 360
Cryptocurrency market dynamics since August 30. Source: Coin360

Bitcoin’s rise has largely coincided with a story by the Wall Street Journal, disclosing a private meeting held back in May between top SEC commissioners and Marc Andreessen, founding partner of Andreessen Horowitz. The meeting’s goal was to promote laxer regulations from the SEC, though as reported, it appears to have been mostly unsuccessful in swaying the minds of the commissioners.

The news still presents a positive development for crypto as a whole, showing that one of the top tech VC funds is actively pushing to ease cryptocurrency regulation. Andreessen Horowitz has made several investments in crypto, notably Maker and Libra.

BTC USD H4 by Trading View
BTC / USD H4 Chart by TradingView

It’s worth pointing out that the price increase may nevertheless be coincidental.

BNB slow to pump on Samsung news, Monero travels around the world

On August 30, Samsung announced the addition of several stablecoins and Binance Coin to the Samsung S10’s wallet. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao tweeted the news, calling it “not a small deal,” clearly expecting it to produce ripples in the markets.

But BNB charts didn’t budge, continuing a decline that slightly reversed today with a 3% gain. According to some observers, a later-deleted tweet showed a frustrated CZ complaining about the lukewarm response.

But BNB has since awoken and shown a strong response. The Binance Exchange token rose sharply on Monday morning, with 24hr gains of over five percent. However, it has so far only narrowly recovered from the weekend’s losses.

Meanwhile, Monero is the only clear winner of the weekend. The privacy coin was added on, a crypto-powered hotel and travel booking website. However, the market appears to have noticed the news only yesterday – compensating with an impressive 10% price spike.

Monero XMR price
Monero Price Chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

The market as a whole seems to be moderately promising as it approaches Q4, a favorable period for crypto prices. According to data from, the sentiment for the majority of coins is positive, as is their price dynamic.

Cryptocurrency market sentiment by theTIE
Cryptocurrency Market Statistics by

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