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Crypto.com Partners With Alchemy for Upcoming Mainnet

The partnership with Alchemy will enhance the accessibility of the Crypto.com Chain for developers as well as reduce operational costs.

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Key Takeaways

  • Crypto.com announced a new partnership with Alchemy for a comprehensive suite of developer tools and services. 
  • Besides developer tools, Alchemy APIs will also power Crypto.com Chain's integration with crypto exchanges, wallets and provide on-chain analytics. 
  • Alchemy will also reduce node maintenance expenses for developers. 

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Crypto.com today announced a new partnership with Alchemy to help build developer tools and APIs for the soon-to-launch mainnet event.

Developer Push Before Mainnet Launch

The two companies will work together to provide a comprehensive suite of developer tools for building customized DeFi applications on top of the new Crypto.com Chain. 

The partnership will also help reduce node maintenance expenses and make the firm’s native blockchain cost-effective for hosting various assets. 

“Expanding our ecosystem and bringing in the best partners to support development on the Crypto.com Chain has been a top priority. We’re excited to partner with Alchemy to create tools that simplify and speed up the ability for developers to build on the Crypto.com Chain,” Kris Marszalek, CEO of Crypto.com, said.

According to Alchemy, its platform enables over $15 billion in on-chain transactions and is trusted by 70% of the leading Ethereum dApps for providing blockchain development tools.

Besides developer tools, Alchemy APIs will also power Crypto.com Chain’s integration with crypto exchanges, wallets, and provide on-chain analytics.

 “As part of our mission to enable developers to build amazing products using blockchain, we’re always looking for new partners that have the potential to usher in the next generation of Web3. We are excited to have found such a partner in Crypto.com and are looking forward to seeing what people create within this new game-changing ecosystem,” said Nikil Viswanathan, CEO of Alchemy.

Founded in 2016, Crypto.com currently serves over 5 million customers for its decentralized financial services. 

The collaboration with Alchemy complements other milestones achieved by the company recently, such as Crossfire–the mainnet dry-run scheduled to begin on 18 January.

Disclosure: Crypto.com is a sponsor of Crypto Briefing. 

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