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EOS Creators Buy $20M Of RAM Ahead Of Mysterious Announcement has a big announcement in the wings. What will it be? buys RAM ahead of mysterious announcement

Share this article, the company which built the EOS blockchain, is expected to make a significant announcement at an upcoming event in Washington, D.C. Details of the live-streamed event remain secretive, and the crypto community has worked itself into a frenzy of speculation as to what B1 will unveil. 

While is no stranger to hype, it is also no stranger to substantial innovation. Four days ago the company unstaked some of its EOS tokens, which were spent to purchase $20 million worth of RAM today.  Whatever the company is planning to launch on June 1, it’s likely to be big. 

A Social Media Platform?

A new social media platform is among the more popular predictions as to what the company is planning, given founder Dan Larimer’s experience at Steemit. Steemit, powered by Steem, is a decentralized blogging and social network where content is rewarded in Steem tokens.

That background has led many pundits to believe is set to announce a new, decentralized social media platform for the EOS ecosystem. Fuel was added to that fire when Larimer tweeted a teasing ‘what if’ on February 19:

Other Possibilities

There are other possibilities. According to EOSwriter, EOS Nation CEO Yves La Rose suggested that, apart from a potential social media platform (MEOS), the company may be planning an official wallet, a declaration that EOS is a utility token, or a token burn.

Yves La Rose on

The speculation of regulatory or government moves partly comes from a Telegram message on March 25, when Larimer revealed that EOS is known to Trump advisors and that has attracted interested in Washington.

Dan Larimer on Trump

A well-known EOSIO developer – who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the subject – told Crypto Briefing:

What We Do Know

But there’s no denying that is making big moves, and EOS announcements tend to be substantial, unlike certain other blockchain projects. The founder and CEO of the TRON Foundation, Justin Sun, has earned a reputation for announcing announcements and non-events, to put it politely.

Only two days ago he made yet another non-announcement:

The crypto community has matured sufficiently to start ignoring Justin Sun’s tweets, given his history of over-promising. EOS has a highly developed ecosystem and a more sensible approach to investor and community relations.

That doesn’t make beyond hype. The EOS machine is well-oiled and its promotions are slick. But it does suggest that whatever they announce on June 1 could be substantive for the EOS community. 

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