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If Only I Had Invested $1000 In These 5 Cryptos: March ROI Update

Crypto ROI For March 2019 If My Psychic Predictions Had Been Right

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Cryptocurrency investing over the short-term is not for the weak of will. It’s not for those who obsessively check their Blockfolio app every five minutes, trying to catch the top. It’s certainly not for those who think that value is driven by the size of a user-base or product fit.

Maybe later, it will be.

For now, the news drives price. Especially news that spreads from whispers in Telegram groups, reaching the ears of the well-connected, who quietly stock up on crypto tokens before the public is aware that anything’s going on.

But you know all that. What you don’t know, is who’s next? While Tezos coincidentally goes through the roof before Coinbase even announces staking, what are the rest of us thinking about?

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Our Imaginary Investment Thesis

We’re going to pretend that we are prescient crypto gods, and that we take the best pick from each of the following five categories. Then we’ll calculate an overall ROI based on the last 30 days, assuming an investment of $1,000 in each category. This is fun.

Basket Of Top 10 Cryptos

Our first category includes the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap according to CoinMarketCap today, March 29th. We exclude Tether, because it’s deeply boring. (See how serious this is?)

Using some super charting tools from we can see our winner in this category clearly. Binance Coin has dominated the month, while Cardano has been more stellar than stellar. XRP, despite numerous new partnerships, brings up the rear.

Top 10 Crypto Coins ROI 30 Days To March 29

Top 10 Cryptos Pick: Binance Coin (BNB), 73% ROI

Poorest Performer: XRP, -2.5% ROI

The Next 20

Okay, so you’re ready to put your thousand bucks on the line with some projects that don’t look quite so overly-inflated, and may have a little more room for manouever? Sure, so long as you can spell manouver. Or maneuver. Writing in American English sucks, if you’re British.

Crypto ROI March 2019 ranks 10-20 on CmC

What do we see here? Tezos, the aforementioned darling of the Coinbase community, which can now be staked while you get baked.

Next 20 Top Pick: Tezos, 101% ROI

Poorest Performer: Bitcoin SV, -8.4%

Crypto Personalities

Let’s assume that for some reason we’re addicted to Twitter, and specifically the influential names behind some of the top coins. For the sake of argument, and because CryptoNews has already done the hard work for us, we’ll go with the following list:

  • Justin Sun (Tron)
  • Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum)
  • Charlie Lee (Litecoin)
  • Roger Ver (Bitcoin Cash)
  • Andreas Antonopoulos (Bitcoin)
  • Changpeng Zhou (BNB)
  • Brad Garlinghouse (XRP)
  • Charles Hoskinson (Cardano)
  • Riccardo Spagni (Monero)
  • Craig Wrong (Bitcoin SV)

Since there’s some overlap here, we see CZ of Binance leading the charge – while Justin Sun’s imaginary followers aren’t doing a lot to boost his Tron project.  Sad sack Faketoshi trails along sadly in last place, quietly mewling for adoption like a litter of kittens dumped by the side of the road.

Sorry, that was a bit graphic.

Ten Twitter Crypto Influencers ROI in March 2019

Crypto Shill Top Pick: Changpeng Zhou, 73% ROI

Poorest Performer: Craig Wrong, -8.4%

Crypto Wildcard Hunter

Once you get beyond the top 100 cryptos on CoinMarketCap, many people stop listening. Shitcoins, right? Well, hold on a second. Suppose you conducted your ICO in 2017, and ignored your token price while you built something useful? That’s where you’ll find a lot of real gems… like Everex, which announced U.S. customer integration, and QuarkChain, with its impending mainnet.

So in no particular order, and with no particular agenda, here’s a basket of cryptos that made an impact over the last month on the second page of CMC.

100-200 Crypto Ranked ROI 30 Days To March 29

Wildcard Top Pick: Everex, 309% ROI

Poorest Performer: Genesis Vision, 3.7% ROI

I’m Just Psychic…

Possessed of The Gift, and with prescience known only to a select few, I definitely identified all of these social climbers somewhere in the middle of February, which is why I am now stinking rich and you are not.

Seriously, who saw these coming… if you did, please write to [email protected] and tell me what you see in store for April.

Top 10 Cryptos Because I Am Psychic ROI 30 Days To March 29

Runaway Investment of the Month: Ravencoin, 439% ROI

Poorest Performer: They’re all winners here, stop being so negative.

Our Mythical Overall ROI…

So, we (hypothetically) invested in Binance Coin (twice!), in Tezos, in Everex, and in Ravencoin.

Binance Coin (BNB): $2,000 x 74% ROI = $3,480

Tezos (XTZ): $1,000 x 101% ROI = $2,010

Everex (EVX): $1,000 x 309% = $4,090

Ravencoin (RVN): $1,000 x 439% ROI = $5,390

Starting Dollar Amount: $5,000

Overall Final Dollar Amount: $14,970

Overall ROI: 299.4%

Yay crypto!

If you did better or worse, join the conversation on Telegram and Twitter!

The author is invested in digital assets, including ETH and BTC which are mentioned here.

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