SIMETRI Profits of 919%
SIMETRI Profits of 919%


EOS Worker Proposal System Will Fund Ecosystem Development

Two block producers have revealed the details of EOS’s Worker Proposal System, which will allocate funding to developers and creators that wish to build on the EOS blockchain. EOS Nation...

Ethereum’s Largest Crowdfunding Platform to Combat Coronavirus with Grants

Gitcoin, the leading crowdfunding platform for Ethereum development, has announced that its next round of fundraising will include a category focused on public health in response to the Coronavirus pandemic....

SEC Proposes Amendment for Easier Fundraising

The SEC announced a proposed set of amendments that would make it easier for companies to raise money. The amendments would increase the amount companies could raise through exemptions and...

FINRA-Licensed Broker-Dealer Welcomes Smartlands To America

It ain’t easy moving to America these days, but Smartlands is bucking border-tightening trends with its latest announcement. The UK-based project, launched in 2017 on the Stellar (XLM) network, is...

Take Note of the Republic of Title III: Compliant Crowdfunding Beyond Crypto

Republic is an investment platform that enables anyone to invest in startups: accredited or otherwise. The company has today announced the expansion of its Note reward token program. Five companies...

Are Security Tokens Living Up To The Hype?

Remember 2018? Time was when you could buy a decent car with a single bitcoin, or a beater for an ether. Everyone was ready to get crypto-rich, and even ICO’s...

Blockchain Investors Have New Criteria For Funding Decisions: “Revenue Generation”

Blockchain investors’ tastes are changing, it appears. A new report reveals some interesting numbers regarding the quantity of money flowing into blockchain since 2013, with more than $23 billion mostly...

Meet The SCO: NULS Trials Alternative Crowdfunding Method

NULS, an enterprise-focused blockchain platform, has announced the successful test of its innovative staking service, dubbed Staked Coin Output (SCO). The system leverages NULS’ existing staking infrastructure to provide an...