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News about institutional investors in blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, as well as funds, VCs, and Angels.

Grayscale Records Bumper Year In 2018

While multiple projects struggled in the crypto crunch, for Grayscale Investments 2018 was the best year they've ever had. In their quarterly report, released on Thursday, Grayscale said that despite declining prices and market…

Fidelity Adoption Could Lift Crypto Boats

The ETF may be off, but institutional adoption is still trickling in.  Fidelity Investments is reportedly planning to launch its Bitcoin custody service in the final month of Q1 2019, according to Bloomberg.  The commitment from Fidelity is…

XRP Will Be First Of Many Huobi Crypto Futures

Huobi is preparing to release XRP derivatives contracts in the "very near future," as the exchange seeks to provide more products and services aimed at institutional investors. Josh Goodbody, Huobi's General Counsel, told Crypto Briefing…

Ultrain Steams Ahead With NGC Investment

Venture capitalists need to have nerves of steel to invest in the crypto space when times are tough, but not all of them do. One exception is NEO Global Capital, which has just backed Singapore-based Ultrain. The project plans to use the…

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