Coverage of the Facebook Libra coin and the Calibra ecosystem, insights on the technological and regulatory aspect of Facebook's stablecoin.

  • Liberdy helps you give Facebook the shaft

    Facebook’s Crypto Testnet Averages 6 Transactions Per Second 

    Facebook’s testnet has been live for over a month as the Libra Association prepares for the next stage with broader participation among members. 


  • Bitcoin rises after Facebook news

    Facebook’s Libra Rebrands Again, This Time As “Diem”

    Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project has been rebranded to Diem in a new strategic move that distance itself from its past troubles.


  • Libra-Cover.jpg

    Facebook to Finally Launch Scaled Back Libra Coin in January

    After facing lengthy backlash from regulators, a pared-down version of Facebook’s Libra project will finally launch in January 2021. 


  • Libra-Cover.jpg

    Bitcoin and Libra Competitors on the Horizon in the Race for a Global Cryptocurrency

    Investment fund a16z expeects more companies like Libra emerging, and some of them might even find a winning formula.


  • Libra-Cover.jpg

    Facebook’s Libra Association Concedes to Regulators, No Longer Permissionless

    The Libra Association has changed its proposed model to put global regulators at ease. Will the move help quell concerns?


  • Coda Code Review by Andre Cronje Decentralized Cryptocurrencies

    Coda Protocol Finds Traction in zk-Snarks, Attracts Libra Community

    Coda Protocol, a blockchain that uses zk-Snarks to scale, is finding traction among some Libra members including Bison Trails.


  • Titanic Error Will Non-Profits Play On As Libra Ship Encounters Regulatory Icebergs

    Facebook May Downplay Libra as Its Native Cryptocurrency

    Facebook's Libra will reportedly offer users digital versions of the U.S. dollar and the Euro when it goes live later this year.


  • Retail Investors Driving Binance Futures As Crypto Market And Bitcoin Fall

    Canadian Central Banker Unimpressed with Swedish Approach to CBDCs

    At a conference hosted by the National Bank of Ukraine, several central bankers rejected the need for CBDCs using blockchain tech.