SIMETRI Profits of 919%


5 Signs From CES 2019 That Crypto Is Ready for the Mainstream

If you have doubts about the future of crypto, look no further than Las Vegas. The Consumer Technology Association’s CES is the biggest trade show in the world and the...

What Is Basic Attention Token? Introduction to BAT and Brave

What Is Basic Attention Token? Basic Attention Token is an Ethereum-based ad-exchange platform connecting publishers, advertisers, and users on the blockchain. BAT is the ERC-20 utility token used on the...

The Willful Ignorance Of Media Economists

If you’re the editor of a mainstream newspaper – say, Britain’s Guardian – who do you turn to for expert commentary on cryptocurrencies? An economist, naturally. Newspapers and websites are...

What Is Revain Network?  Introduction to R and RVN Tokens

What Is Revain? Revain is a blockchain-based business review and feedback platform similar to Yelp or Angie’s List. Businesses incentivize users to leave public feedback that’s posted to Revain’s digital...

A Headline In Search Of A Report: Media FUD Continues

You may not be one of the 793 subscribers to MERLtech news (it stands for monitoring, evaluation, research and learning) – but you might have heard of a recent report published...

Media Bias Against Crypto Is Prolonging The Sell-Off

Bitcoin prices may have been manipulated, scream the business headlines. But the headlines themselves may be the force that is truly affecting crypto prices. And if that’s not an accident,...

Crypto Meets Yahoo In Online Quiz Show

It’s not easy to understand blockchain technology. Some people spend hours poring over cryptic white papers, or studying complex video explainers, or even taking online classes. In Taiwan, it’s a...

Crypto Media: What We’re Reading This Week

Mainstream media, financial bigwigs, and Congressman Brad Sherman never tire of eye-popping displays of moral sanctitude as they proclaim Bitcoin to be a digital pyramid scheme; the scam of the century;...