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HTC: Leading The Exodus To Decentralization

Decentralization seems like the promised land for cryptonauts, and HTC’s new smartphone is trying to lead the way. In an announcement today the company revealed the full release of the Exodus 1, which can now be acquired for fiat currency.…

MobileGo Aims To Score With Esports

Gaming is one industry that's still inspiring the blockchain community, regardless of market condition. Joseph Lubin recently touted gaming as one of the reasons he believes in blockchain technology, pointing to "gamers that play around…


数字货币市场现在处在一个非常混沌的状态,而Waves(WAVES)代币则是在当局最为重要的代币。在发布新的移动钱包之后,其代币的价格在过去一周增加了一倍多。 在上周二,WAVES的市场价格仅约为每个代币0.96美元。但从那时起,Waves就一直处于近乎不间断的上升趋势;它于上周五收盘于1.20美元,而在本周初则达到了1.60美元。…

100k Taxi Users Could OmiseGO TADA Soon

A popular taxi app, with more than 100,000 users in Singapore, thinks it can improve its service using cryptocurrency and blockchain. The financial services platform, OmiseGO (OMG), has agreed to explore possible use cases with them. The…

Dash Reveals KRIP Phone For South Americans

Dash has announced a deal with Kripto Mobile Corporation that could give Latin Americans a system that actually works for using cryptocurrency for peer-to-peer payments and other basic transactions. Essentially the KRIP mobile phones…

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